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Joining our Le Chameau stable of boots this month, we are pleased to introduce 3 new styles which we will be stocking in addition to our existing offering:

The Chasseur Neo Prestige: This Prestige edition features durable and supple Kevlar TM-strengthened Chamolux TM rubber, a distinctive tartan 3mm neoprene lining and a leather fastening strap on the zip. Available at £340.00.

The Vierzonord Prestige: This edition of the iconic field and country boot a premium leather gusset-fastening strap, contrast anti-fatigue dual-density outsole and prestige metal logo. Available at £260.00.

The Verizon Petite: For the first time, Le Chameau have made a junior version of their iconic boot, made from the same Chamolux TM rubber, and lined with hardwearing poly-cotton, this boot is available in sizes 24 – 35 at £75.00.


Speak to Jessica or Jack next time you are in and they will be happy to show you these lovely new boots, or ring them on 01491 672913 if you have any questions. and remember to claim your Calibre Club discount!