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This month, Alastair looks at copper rifle ammunition.

The concept of lead-free rifle ammunition is not a new one. Whilst it was nearly thirty years ago that the first “lead-free” bullets started to appear, it has been in the last few years that demand has grown. In certain parts of the country this has been driven by requirement, with many of those who manage deer in the forestry sector being required to use lead-free ammunition. For others, the transition has been about performance and efficacy. If you consider that it is estimated that over 90% of the deer shot by Scottish National Heritage (SNH) and Forestry and Land Scotland were shot with non-toxic rounds, this “new ammunition” is proving its worth.

Either way, as demand has increased, so too has the availability, with manufacturers having invested a great deal of effort and research in the development of lead-free ammunition.

Reflecting the improvements in quality and the increase in demand, The Gun Room now hold two brands of Non-Toxic in both RWS and Fox Ammunition.  Feedback has been very positive with some clients feeling they have achieved a better “zero” than with “traditional” ammunition.

Should you wish to find out more about this, any other ammunition, or the rifle services we offer, then please contact the Gunroom on 01491 672 914 or