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In light of last year’s announcement by a collection of leading UK shooting organisations, together with recent developments in cartridges, James Purdey & Sons have developed a guide to help you understand what the non-toxic options are and what you can safely use in your gun and in the field.

Click HERE to view a copy of the guide.

Our factory will conduct an assessment and provide a technical report of your shotgun, including the barrel and action condition, and offer an opinion as to which category of steel shot cartridge is suitable for use in your gun. Where appropriate, we will make recommendations of required work should you wish to have your gun brought up to high-performance steel proof standard.

We can also advise what type of non-toxic cartridge your gun is currently suitable for.

Purdey always recommends consulting a gun maker before using steel shot in your shotgun.

Cost: £130 (plus VAT) per gun

For further information or to arrange the service, please contact Daisy Wales in the Purdey Gunroom on +44(0)20 3428 2121 or email

Barrel assessment:
– General barrel condition
– Chamber size
– Barrel wall thickness
– Bore size
– Choke configuration
– Barrels on/off the face of the action
– Action assessment
– General condition of action
– How tight is the gun