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SWATcom Active 8s

Are they worth the hype or even the price?

We came to them as sceptics – how could they outperform what is already on the market?

Well, we have to say it wasn’t long before we were convinced. Hearing is not something that you can regain – once a degree of hearing is gone, it’s not coming back. So we are all incredibly serious about our protection.

From the moment you turn the button on and talk, there isn’t the echo of your own voice through the headset. Being able to place someone 360 degrees around you is also a novelty with ‘over the ear’ ear defenders. I can’t think how many times I have been stood in the field and could hear a stream but not place where it was.

From the increased comfort of the gel pads, to the increase in sound definition and amplification, we can definitely see where the extra value is in them and, should you wish to see for yourself, we have a bright orange (Blaze) set that are for our clients to COVID-safely try them on the grounds.

They come in a range of colours – Sand, Black, Blaze, Camo, Carbon, &  Green and have a battery life of approximately 600 hours, because they automatically shut off after 4 hours.

On sale in the Gun Room from £270.00, suffice to say, all of our instructors want a pair!