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During the last 12 months the Gun Room team have been incredibly busy. As ever, we have worked hard to ensure we hold the best stock of shotguns, rifles, air rifles, optics and accessories. Throughout all of this, we have enjoyed helping and advising clients who have been searching for something specific or “different”. Pleasingly, during this third lockdown, it appears the demand for this service is as strong as ever. We have been helping clients put together the best rifle, scope and ammunition combinations, whilst guiding other clients as to the best configuration of shotgun.

Given the events of Covid and Brexit in the last 12 months, it has not always been easy getting hold of stock but we have strong relationships with our suppliers. So, given the greater lead times and, in many cases an imminent price increase, if you are considering buying a new “bit of kit” do call us and let us help you get the wheels in motion, so that when we come out of lockdown you can get going sooner.

So what projects have we been advising clients on:

Rifle builds

This has proved very popular and we have been helping people create their ‘perfect’ rifle by bringing together the right calibre, make, model, scope, moderator and ammunition and then zeroing it.

Clearing out the cabinet

During the lockdown, quite a number of clients found themselves looking in their gun cabinet and considering what they needed. As part of this process, we have helped clients “consolidate” their collection, whether by offering a part exchange, or purchasing their shotguns and rifles outright.

Either way, we are here to help you with the process and, as part of that, can offer a video call to give you a 360⁰ tour of any gun or rifle you are interested in.