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A brand new Miroku arrives very soon

Miroku is a name well known and much loved in the world of over & unders. The brand has a passionate following and for good reason. They are great guns and, for decades, they have offered the same models, with the occasional “one off” specials per year. But all this has changed.

They have launched the Miroku MK11 Sideplate Game Gun and we are in love!  Sideplates are nothing new to Miroku (they are found on the President and the Presidential models) but what is new is the combination of a sideplate and a shallower action.  This new design and weight distribution makes it a quicker handling game gun and we think it has given it “better lines”. The sideplates have been engraved tastefully with Pheasants and Partridges and the engraving appears to be somewhat deeper than other Miroku models. This, alongside the familiar hand-chequered wood, together with teardrops, gives it a very different look.  New on the outside and new on the inside too. On this model they have introduced the B525 inertia operated single trigger system. This is a mechanism that we know works, having used it in our school guns which are subjected to plenty of hard work.


So, why are we in love?  Well, we think it is possibly one of the best looking, fastest handling guns in this price bracket (£6199) and to use a popular phrase, “you are getting  a lot of gun for your money”. We will have guns in stock for the reopening after lockdown, so do let us know if you would be interested, as they are on a limited first run.

MIROKU MK11 Game – 12 Bore 3” chambers

  • StockGrade 4 walnut with pistol grip and splinter hunting fore-end
  • Action frame  – Steel with grey finish (nitride coated), ultra-deep engraving of Pheasants and Partridges
  • BarrelsBlued barrels featuring 6 mm solid top rib and silver front sight
  • Other – the gun is supplied with five “Invector +” chokes, incorporates a black Pachmayr recoil pad and has a black travel carry case
  • Price – £6199


We highly recommend you come and have a look at this impressive new model when it arrives, but if you have any questions in the meantime, or would like advice on any of your shooting needs, please do get in touch on 01491 672914 or or and we will do our very best to help.