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In recent years Rizzini, the Italian gunmaker, has established a strong and loyal following for their over and under shotguns. They are well made, elegantly finished and they handle well and so offer a new and different choice for our customers.  Excitingly, they continue to evolve and their new Side-by-Sides are the “talk of the town”.

With their new side-by-sides Rizzini’s have built a gun that is not only perfect for today’s shooting world but will also handle the changes, that are currently on the horizon, in terms of moving away from lead shot.  That is not to say Rizzini are the first nor the only gunmaker to have evolved their guns for the future.  But the Rizzini side-by-side is at a very attractive price point and, much like the over and under, it is a good looking,  well-made shotgun.

Here at the Royal Berkshire we have a passion for sharing our knowledge and helping our clients.  A key part of this is making sure each client has the right gun according to his or her needs and the best way to establish this is to try a gun before you buy it.  With this in mind, we have a selection of demonstration guns for our clients to try.  Thanks to the support from Rizzini, we will be adding the Rizzini BR550 RB and BR552 side-by-sides to our range of demonstration guns.  All of which means we can help a client learn the differences between the models and find the gun most suitable for their experience and requirements.

Should you wish to try one of these, merely mention it when booking your next session with us and we can have the gun ready for you.