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For anybody buying a gun, there are a number of factors to consider before making the final decision. These include barrel length, chamber size, choke and weight. However, here at the RBSS we feel the most important criteria for buying any gun (new or second-hand) is that it fits you. A gun can have the most detailed engraving or truly stunning stock but it is of little consequence if the gun does not fit you properly.

The team here offer the full gun fitting service which allows us to provides you with your own unique measurements – you then need to ensure that any gun you purchase can accommodate these measurements. More often than not adjusting a gun is relatively simple but for those people requiring a longer stock (often the taller shooter) an “off the shelf” requires a significant extension and sometimes, despite the best efforts of the gunsmith this can be somewhat unsightly. Whilst some of the brands offer their own extensions (which are a great option) most if not all of us would prefer a stock that was made of one piece of wood.

The good news is that gunmakers are aware of this challenge and so are we! This season we have ordered a number of guns with “long stocks” from both Beretta and Blaser. Gone are the days of having to have a gun with many different extensions….So why not drop in and see us here in the Gun Room to see what options we have.