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Give it some stick!


When shooting a rifle at any distance, you want to be as steady as possible to secure the best shot placement on your target or quarry. There are a number of ways to aid this, using a shooting stick of some sort, whether it be a monopod, bipod, tripod, or quadpod.

Many customers ask us what is best. The truth is that they are all great for lots of different scenarios. The key thing is to buy one that works for you and to get used to it. Even practicing setting up with it in the home to be as quick and quiet as possible.

At RBSS we stock a range of what we feel is the best of the options, whether a functional stick or high end carbon fibre:

Harris Bipods. From £120

The ultimate name in build quality for bipods. They attach to the rifle itself. They are small, light and can be used for bench work or prone position. They come in different lengths and styles. Generally they are not very flexible when it comes to horizontal movement when set up. Ideal for the longest shots.

Bush Sticks. £99

These are used for standing shots only. Again they are light weight and super value for money at £99. They can be used as a monopod or open them up for a steadier shot. It holds both the forend and stock. This makes for a very steady shot. It even has a rubberised rest at the front which enables grip but also movement on the horizontal axis.

Primos Tripod Trigger Stick. £149.99

For a tripod this is quick and quiet. It works on a trigger release which enable you to adjust height, angle and you can swivel on this as well. Very popular especially when on very uneven ground.

Blaser Carbon Shooting Sticks – £249

These are definitely the fancy but with good reason. Designed to have maximum stability without losing the flexibility to adjust the left and right. They have engineered a clever front handle with a swivel rest enabling 20ft of horizontal movement. Very lightweight and quiet. They come with a very smart carry case to protect in whilst travelling in the car etc.

We very much look forward to seeing you all, once the Gun Room and Country store reopen on 12th April, but if you have any questions in the meantime, or would like advice on any of your shooting needs, please do get in touch on 01491 672914 or or and we will do our very best to help.