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The Royal Berkshire’s monthly competition, "The 10/10 Challenge".

100 Birds shot over ten stands, with cash prizes for July and August.

The 10/10 Challenge

For the months of November and December the 10/10 Challenge will include cash prizes!

Top Gun: £150.00
Runner-up: £100.00

The 10/10 Challenge consists of 100 birds that are shot over a set course of 10 stands with a member of the RB team guiding and scoring .

You must be an experienced shot with your own gun and please note we only allow fibre wad cartridges.

There are no restrictions as to how many times you can enter so why not come along and try your hand. Better still, bring your friends for some good-natured competition whilst enjoying our beautiful grounds.

From 1st June, entry is £69.00 if you shoot alone, or £59.00 per person when booking as a group of up to 5.

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