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Store your gun at the Royal Berkshire and you can rest assured that your gun well be safe and well looked after from just £20 per gun per month.

Storing your gun at the Royal Berkshire

Gun Storage

We offer gun storage in our dedicated, purpose built facility. Stored guns are inspected and cleaned twice per year by our staff. Please note that all guns must be supplied to us with either a hard case or slip for their protection. If you do not have one, we will supply a slip at a cost of £25.00 which will then be yours to take away with you when you remove the gun.

The cost to store a gun with us is £20 per month per gun.

Gun Storage Plus 

We also offer a Gun Storage Plus package, where in addition to all of the above, we will arrange for your gun to be stripped, cleaned and regulated in the twelfth month of storage. We will notify you if any further work is required and this will be charged for additionally.

The cost for our gun storage plus package is £40 per gun per month.

Before storing a gun with us we ask that you read the guidance at the below link.

UK Firearms Security Guidance 

For more information or to arrange for the storage of your gun please call 01491 672900 or email