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We are offer shooting on 9 of the finest estates in Spain and Mallorca.

The finest shooting combined with impeccable hospitality.

Shooting in Spain

The Royal Berkshire Sporting Agency has an unrivalled reputation for excellence for shooting in Spain. Our decades of experience and our relationships with the Spain’s finest sporting estates, means you are in safest hands. What is more, our prices are quoted directly from the estate, we add NO commission.

All our clients receive an outstanding bespoke service with our meticulous attention to detail forming part of every trip.  From the preliminary stages of choosing your perfect estate to your final goodbyes in Spain, we ensure your trip is incredibly enjoyable and impeccably organised.

Accommodation is always imperative – whether you would like to stay in a quaint local hotel, a converted monastery, a private house or even your very own Palace, we have something to suit every individual clients requirements.

The food and wine in Spain is revered worldwide and teams can enjoy everything from elaborate tapas spreads in the field, Cabrito (Spanish goat) or even Michelin starred hotels and restaurants. All accompanied with Spain’s stunning wines.

Perhaps enjoy all this after a round of golf?

Spain has it all. The season even extends until April, so why not extend your shooting season beyond January?

Season in Spain: 1st September – April 30th



Set in 1,000 hectares of stunning hilly terrain and located 2 hours south of Madrid, La Caminera is owned by the passionate Salvador Salles. Salvador and his family have been organising shoots for over 50 years and they pride themselves in providing exclusive luxury experiences.  Guests expect extremely testing partridges on the surrounding hills. La Caminera also boasts a 5 star Country House Hotel, a 2 Michelin star chef, luxury Spa, 18 hole golf course and even a 1500 m concrete runway capable of landing all types of private aircraft.

  • Prices start at: €24,750 + IVA per day


Located just 33km south east of Madrid, Casasola is now under the watchful eye of Spanish hunting legend Carlos Rua.  Carlos, has developed the Casasola to be an internationally renowned partridge shoot. Rolling hills and deep valleys produce some very exciting sport.

Fuensauco Lodge offers private accommodation for teams of guns. Or there are plenty of charming hotels in the historic town of Chinchon or the City of Madrid.

  • Prices start at: €20,000 +IVA per day


Partridge shooting on the island of Mallorca is a truly magical and surreal experience. The estate is located just 20 minutes from Palma airport where guns are met in and transferred to the south west of the island by the Las Barracas team. The incredible 2,500 acre estate located sits is splendid isolation with the rock faces of the Tramuntana Mountains, valleys and stunning pine forests making it perfectly suited to driven partridge shooting.

The newly renovated Hunting Lodge offers guests an exclusive, luxury hideaway to enjoy the famous Spanish hospitality. Alternatively, there are many great hotels to choose from on the island.

  • Prices start at: €21,800 + IVA per day for 500 birds. €13,800 + IVA for 300 birds



Ventosilla holds a special place in Spanish shooting history, in 1884 current owner Antonio Cavero’s great-grandfather conducted Spain’s first ever partridge drive along with King Alfonso XII on this very estate. The variety of drives at Ventosilla is extraordinary with over 50 drives across 5,000 acres of varied topography – there is something different every drive.
The estate has some drives with beautiful deep gorges which consistently produce some very high partridges, whilst others are more traditional, yet still extremely testing.

The palace is a living example of a historical hunting lodge in Spain.  Over the years it has hosted everyone from Kings to Prime Ministers. It boasts 10 large en-suite bedrooms, dining room, lounge and plenty more to explore at your leisure. Service, catering and wines are all exceptional.

  • Prices start at: €30,000 +IVA per day. This includes 1 nights all-inclusive accommodation in Ventosilla Palace


One of Spain’s most iconic sporting destinations, La Nava is owned and run by Javier Medem. This 25,000-hectare estate is impossible not to like. With such a wealth of varied topography to choose from the diversity of drives available to teams is exceptional.

In essence, La Nava represents the ultimate in luxury experiences. The lodge is almost beyond 5 star, with infinity pool, 2 lounges, 14 exquisite double bedrooms, a private chef, an extensive wine list and runway for private aircraft.

  • Prices start at: €42,000 + IVA, including 1 nights all-inclusive accommodation in La Nava Lodge


Located 2 hours west of Madrid, Las Golondrinas is set amongst 17,000 hectares of most beautiful countryside and represents quintessentially the ultimate in traditional Spanish hospitality and shooting.  The private accommodation within Las Golondrinas retains many of its original features and the numerous natural river systems provide exceptional topography for the presentation of extremely sporting partridge.

The Estate is owned by Jacobo Bustamante, who is a passionate sportsman. This is an estate that is found by  ‘word of mouth’, meaning that it remains a true hidden gem that few outside of Spain have ever heard of.

  • Prices start at: €33,000 per day + IVA for 600 birds including 1 nights all-inclusive accommodation in the private lodge


La Flamenca is a 11,000 acre estate which is situated a mere 35 minutes from Madrid. The terrain is excellent, with rolling hills and valleys throughout the estate, allowing La Flamenca to have over 40 different drives.

The cuisine and hospitality at La Flamenca is excellent, no stone is left unturned. The private lodge, which is available for €5,000 per night + IVA, is situated on the estate and boasts 8 luxury suites, outdoor dining area and lounge for guests to relax in. Rest assured, every measure is taken to ensure that guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

  • Prices start at: €26,000 + IVA


Los Melonares is the most southern of our Spanish estates, situated near the beautiful ancient City of Seville. The 5,000 acre estate is owned by the Madariaga Family – who are one of the most notorious hunting dynasties in Spain.

The estate is beautifully kept and the accommodation in Los Melonares Palace is truly unique. The Palace has a long and fascinating history, the famous Madariaga World Wide Trophy Room is something to behold. As always with our estates, the food and hospitality is of the highest order.

  • Prices start at: €22,500 + IVA for 1 day’s shooting including all inclusive accommodation in Los Melonares Palace.


El Rubio offers clients a traditional Spanish experience in the heart of Castilla La Mancha, which is not only good quality but also excellent value for money. The estate is owned by the charming Mendizabal family. The topography consists of mainly rolling hills, which can produce fast and furious sport. All packages include accommodation in the family home which is extremely comfortable.

  • Prices start at: €25,275 + IVA per day including 1 night all-inclusive accommodation.

Most of our estates also offer exclusive Monteria packages (Driven big game shooting) and some also offer duck shooting and walked-up shooting over dogs. All three events can be extremely exciting, and can be organised in addition to a partridge shooting package, or on their own.

Please enquire for further details.

Along with a culture steeped in shooting traditions, you can add glorious weather, wonderful cuisine and generous hospitality. Partridges, sunshine and Rioja, why go elsewhere?