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Focus on Rock Pigeons


Any discussion with regards to the most challenging Game Bird will typically include Red Grouse and Grey Partridge, and rightly so.  However, in recent years. a new contender has emerged….. “The Rock Pigeon”.  Typically found in South Africa, Rock Pigeons present some of the most exciting and thrilling shooting you could ever wish for.   Smaller than a wood pigeon and with the ability to change direction with one wing beat, they are extremely fast and staggeringly agile.  Whilst they are considered a pest species, not least because of the substantial harm they cause to farmers crops, a day spent in a hide shooting at Rock Pigeons will certainly be long remembered.

Enjoy everything from Sandgrouse in the Kalahari desert to lightning fast Rock Pigeons in the fields of
Bloemfontein with The Royal Berkshire Sporting Agency. A trip to Africa to shoot sandgrouse or Rock Pigeon is truly without comparison.



Key Facts


Rock Pigeons have  distinctive red bare patch around their eyes, a throat of silvery pink-green tipped feathers and dark red outer wing feathers.

Rock Pigeons are fast! they can reach speeds of 60mph!

The will fly a long distance to reach their preferred food source – sunflowers.


Our Top Rock Pigeon Shooting Tips


Shooting these birds requires good footwork and fast hands.  You need to stay still and not mount the gun until the birds have committed to their line and even then, you will often be beaten!

Be sure to have a lightweight shooting waistcoat with you. We highly recommend this sporting clay vest from Purdey. This vest is made from a lightweight cotton twill with an eyelet fabric at the back to provide ventilation in hot weather. Design features include large pleated front cartridge pockets, large internal pockets, two way front zip, Alcantara patches, back adjuster for personal fit and deep side splits for ease of movement. This shooting vest is available from our Country Store and is priced at £295.00.

We would also recommend you wear a baseball cap like this one below from Browning. This is priced at £18.00 and available in our Country Store.

Sunglasses are an absolute necessity. We love these Purdey Multi Lens Shooting Glasses. Designed for ultimate eye protection, these ballistically-rated shooting glasses are available with four interchangeable lenses in a range of colours so that you can adjust according to the weather. These are available in our Country Store for £99.00 and are well worth the investment.

Your barrels are bound to get very hot so shooting gloves are a must. Our favorites are these Seal Skinz Gun-cut gloves which feature a fold-back magnetic trigger finger enabling precise control for a wide range of activities. these are available in our Country Store for £55.00.



This quick cover from Browning will also come in very handy. This versatile piece can be worn as a beanie, neck gaiter, headband, balaclava and more. Its unique fabric makeup helps control human scent whilst offering excellent UV protection. This is priced at £18.00.


“When shooting in Africa the biggest tip I can give is to layer, layer, layer” says Royal Berkshire Sporting Agent Ben Smith. Ben personally recommends this cotton cashmere cable jumper from Schoffel priced at £129.95 and, as with all of the products featured within this article, this is available within our Country Store.



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