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After 3 days of competition under glorious sunshine, the results are in. Many thanks to everyone who competed for your continued support, we hope to see you all again soon.

Congratulations to all of our winners, especially Huw Stephens, whose 96×100 on Tuesday secured him the High Gun spot.

Special thanks also to Gamebore and Laporte for sponsoring the prizes for the Pool Shoot and Prize Draw

High Gun – Huw Stephens 96×100 £400

AA Class

1st CM Smith 93×100  £125.00

2nd K Lillywhite 92×100 £100.00

=3rd ND Portlock, WJ Thatcher, C Waite 91×100 £25.00 each

A Class

1st M Butcher 91×100 £125.00

=2nd TR Bell, L Taylor, RDR Taylor 89×100 £58.33 each

B Class

1st J Mitchell 87×100 £125.00

=2nd I Applin, J McGuire 80×100 £87.50 each

C Class

1st P Burton 78×100 £125.00

2nd T Chandler 77×100 £100.00

3rd L Blaber 72×100 £75.00

Lady CL Hall 89×100 £125.00

Junior – C Lovatt 76×100 wins a free lesson at RBSS, including 100 cartridges and clays

Prize Draw, sponsored by Laporte – Hannah Gibson wins Laporte Merchandise