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Reflecting upon the last few weeks, it is clear to me that the shooting world is as busy, vibrant, ambitious and optimistic as I can ever recall it being.
Here at the school we have been exceptionally busy, with the final of our Handicap Challenge, countless Really Wild simulated game days, corporate events and many many lessons. Alongside all of this, we held the Royal Berkshire Ladies Cup, won by Amy Easman, which was not only blessed with great weather but also a huge turnout. It is clear to me that the sense of fun is back and  fingers crossed, as the country continues to navigate its way to the “next step”, we have much to look forward to.

I have spoken about the “shooting “community” many times. But what do I mean when I say that? I mean the network of people who work in, support and enjoy the shooting world and, with summer well under way and the shooting season just around the corner, it would be wrong of me not to thank all those in our “shooting community”  who have supported us; whether it be the sponsors and partners such as Browning, Gamebore, Le Chameau and Hull, clients joining us for lessons, simulated days or competitions, our customers in the Gun Room and Country Store, the estates we work with and of course the brilliant RB team…. Thank you!

 But we must not take anything for granted. As we have seen, the shooting world is very much on the radar of the politicians, with debates in parliament and increased public scrutiny and awareness of the shooting world. There are many organisations that work in different areas to safeguard our sport and with that in mind, I would urge anybody who is not a member of an organisation, be it GWCT, CPSA, BASC, BGA (the list goes on) to sign up and make sure you support those people and organisations that are going to play an incredibly important role in the future of our sport. 
On that topic, as one of the judges of the “Young Shots Scholarship” I was filled with great confidence for the future of the sport if the passion, demonstrated by all those who entered, is anything to go by.