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Every month, when I sit down to write the newsletter, I find myself looking forward to what lies ahead and also reflecting upon the recent weeks. Every month I  find myself wanting to start with words of thanks and with 2020 coming to an end, it feels right to do so. But there are many people to thank:
I want to start by thanking all our customers, new and old, for your support throughout the year.  It has meant a great deal to us as a team and as a business. Every time we have had to close our doors, we have been touched by the emails and calls of support and goodwill.  Every time we have reopened our doors, or had to adjust how we have operated, we have been thrilled by the response and the speed with which people have returned to enjoy a lesson, spend time in the shop, shoot on a simulated day or stand on a peg in the field.  The goodwill and quiet determination of the shooting community has been a joy to witness.
I must also thank all the Team here at the Royal Berkshire Shooting School.  Each and every person has adapted to the challenges we have faced and they have all taken everything that has been thrown at them in their stride.  There are of course all the people you see when visiting the school; the brilliant teams in the lodge, shops and on the grounds but there are also those who you do not see working behind the scenes and I want to thank them all for their hard work, support and resilience.
My final few words are very simple, highly traditional, but perhaps more relevant than ever. So, on behalf of us all at the RBSS may I wish you, your family and friends a very Happy Christmas and say how we look forward to a much  better 2021 and to seeing you all soon.