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The format of a typical day

A typical Really Wild Clay Day begins with guests meeting for breakfast.  Depending upon which estates we are shooting at, this may be at the main house, a shoot lodge or country pub.  After a safety briefing we draw pegs and set off for the first drive.

A normal drive has eight pegs, with two guns to a peg.  Each drive is split, so that one gun loads for one half and then swaps and shoots for the second half.  Drives will replicate driven Partridge, Pheasant and even…Grouse

The day consists of four drives.  After the second drive we break for ‘Elevenses’.  The third drive is a fun competition where guests battle it out for the title of ‘Top Gun’ with the fourth and final drive being something a ‘grand finale’.  Each gun can expect to shoot between 250 and 750 cartridges….it is up to them how fast they go.

We take lunch at the end of the day as this allows guests to enjoy a well earned drink and raise a glass to the team that has won the competition.

"Everything but the feathers"