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Pattern Really Matters

Work with our instructors and use our pattern plates to discover the perfect combination of cartridges and choke for you and your gun.

Pattern Testing

There is one area of shooting that is often ignored and misunderstood…shot pattern.  That is to say the spread and density of the pellets when fired through your gun.  Different guns pattern different cartridges…differently. VERY differently!

Every shotgun is unique.  Just because your friend swears that their cartridge is “the best one ever” does not mean it will work as well for you.  But one thing is for a sure, a good pattern will help improve your shooting.

So, before your next day, come and spend some valuable time with one of our team of instructors on our new Pattern Plates, discovering what make and load of cartridge (and choke) works best in your gun and for what you are shooting at.

You will need to bring your own cartridges (these must be fibre wad) and if your gun is has multi-chokes be sure to bring your chokes and the choke key! We allow either one or two hours for this experience, which is available Monday- Saturday and is charged at £110.00 per hour.  For more details or to book please contact us on 01491 672900 or

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