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We are proud to be a premium Browning Dealer, giving us access to the B15 and B25 Custom Range.

John M Browning

Steeped in heritage, Browning shotguns are synonymous with high-quality.  Born in 1855, John M. Browning was an American who dedicated his life to creating firearms of exceptional quality and revolutionary construction.  But Belgium is home to his most lasting legacy.

First manufactured by the “Fabrique Nationale d’Herstal” in 1925, the B25 was one of the worlds first over and under shotguns.  It was the result of creative genius working in harmony with over 400 years of manufacturing expertise.

John Moses was a tireless innovator and a legend in the truest sense.  It’s befitting that his name should grace a range of exquisitely crafted shotguns. The John M Browning Collection is the very best with delivery times from 6 months depending upon choice of model.  Quotations are available upon quest with prices starting at £11,999.