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A well fitted gun is essential.

Using their years of experience, our extensive range of try guns and pattern plates, our instructors will ensure your gun fits you perfectly.

Gun Fitting

At The Royal Berkshire we believe that great shooting is built upon the two simple, yet essential, foundations of a sound technique and a well fitted gun.

A well fitted gun takes into account the technique and build of the shooter.  It aids a consistent mount and, by ensuring the correct relationship between muzzle and eye, it shoots where the shooter is looking.  Simply put a fitted gun works with you… not against you.

A gun-fitting typically lasts two hours and starts with the instructor talking through your requirements and your shooting history.  Then, after a few warm up shots, you will move over to the try gun.  Using the try gun, you will then shoot a variety of targets and the pattern plate which allows the fitter to make the small yet crucial final adjustments to the try-gun.

The shooting complete, the try-gun is measured and you are given you measurements.

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A well fitted gun is an essential if you wish to shoot to your potential.