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We are delighted to be exhibiting for sale some of Clare Brownlow’s Art in the Gallery and Country Store of RBSS.

Pheasant Feather Art – Clare Brownlow

Clare has come a long way since 2009, when in a quiet moment at her parent’s kitchen table in Norfolk, Pheasant Feather Art was born. She picked up a pheasant feather from her father’s stash, dipped it in his fountain pen inks, and started “doodling”.

Clare took this idea back to Scotland, where she, her husband Charlie, and their two small boys live. “I started painting chickens and friends’ dogs and people loved the result and suggested that I should do stationery and prints, so I did! I continued to listen to what my clients wanted, and where possible, put these ideas and my creations into production. I now offer placemats and coasters, aga covers, tea towels and mugs. I am continually exploring collaborations into other new and exciting products”.

Some of Clare’s more recent collaborations have included creating colourful, bespoke magnums for Pol Roger Champagne; a painting day at Purdey & Sons in London which included the challenge of painting on beautiful pieces of walnut that are used to create the stocks on Purdey guns; producing a vibrant and colourful rainbow trout to be used on the product packaging for Chalkstream Foods and then there was the creation of the stunning silk scarf for Really Wild that used Clare’s iconic fighting cock pheasants.

We actively welcome you to come and admire her works and see if you can make wall space for one in your own home.

A couple of pictures on show with us: