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Le Chameau – did you know?


There are a few staples in any shooters wardrobe…. and one of them is a pair of Le Chameau wellies. They do everything you would want. They are warm and strong.  Two things that are essential for footwear when shooting! But do you know the story behind the name?



The inventor was a Frenchman called Mr Chamot, who in 1927, was aware of a need for a strong and comfortable boot for the sportsman. He set about designing bespoke boots from natural rubber and teamed with a saddler.  The result is they were the first company to leather line a rubber boot and in so doing set themselves  apart from the competition. It wasn’t long before people were travelling from afar to have pairs made for them. The name as we know it today actually came when he bought a factory in Morocco and as a nod to the country (along with a convenient play on words with his name) called the company Le Chameau, which was French for Camel. It was recently that the company rebranded, removing the camel from their logo but replacing it with a shield around the brand, representing a Camel’s footprint.

We sell hundreds of pairs of these boots and all the instructors live in them (surely a great endorsement of their durability and comfort).   In the modern world, these hand crafted boots can be worn great pride and you can be safe in the knowledge of their history of quality and service.

Do look at the range we have on our website HERE and ring us on 01491 672900 if you have any questions.