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If you are looking for the very best performance eyewear, look no further. Here at the Country Store we offer an amazing range of Pilla Eyewear that you can try before you buy. Pilla is the leading eyewear brand, making a range of lenses which add value to an athletes performance. They have a strong philosophy: function rules over style, substance trumps hype and anything less than perfection is not worth doing. The benefits of these amazing shooting accessories are explained below.

Enhanced Hand Eye Coordination

Eye fatigue is a key contributor to the loss of crisp eye/hand coordination. When the eye is strained, through either squinting to reduce bright light or straining for light, the result is a quick loss of focus and sharp vision. Pilla provides shooters with technical solutions for maximum performance of the eye in various conditions and background.

Regulating the Light

Regulation of light into the eye for shooting sports is critical for preventing eye fatigue and increasing focal ability of the eye. The key to the lens technology is based on regulation of the proper amount of light into the eye while harnessing out high definition, colour-enhancement technology for maximum visual registration. Through their partnership with Zeiss, they have been able to create the perfect lenses for shooting sports.

Unobstructed Field of Vision

Each product collection and frame geometry has been carefully developed with exact precision in order to provide the best field of vision balance weight comfort and performance to accommodate professional shooting athletes. They have worked with the most accomplished athletes in the world in order to refine every detail.

Royal Berkshire Gun Room, Pilla, Pilla Shooting Glasses, shooting glasses

If you would like more information regarding Pilla Eyewear or would like to try them out, please contact the Country Store on 01491672900, or pop into the store when we open on the 12th April. We look forward to seeing you all!