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Sarah-Jane Lambert-Gibbs
Interviewed by Wendy Dixon

How old were you when you first took up shooting?
I had a few lessons around 15 years old then picked a gun a properly June 2017

What made you decide to come shooting at the Royal Berkshire Shooting School?

It’s local, has a great reputation and I attended a Femme Fatales day here which really showcased the School having a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. A few of the shooting schools I have been to don’t give you a welcoming arrival like the Royal Berks.

What gun do you use?

I have a 20g Browning 325 which I get along with quite well.

Are you mainly a game or clay shooter?

Clay but had great fun on my first beaters day, managing to bag a few partridges.

Which has been your most memorable shooting experience?

Has to be beaters day! My little Jack Russel terrier Nellie was on peg with me and collected the partridges I had shot and brought them straight back to my feet waiting for the next one to land! She’s never been properly trained but has the most amazing natural instinct.

If you could shoot anywhere, where would that be?

The Grouse moors, what an experience that must be – 1 day maybe!

What do you do, both for work and for fun, when you are not shooting?

I work in Cloud sales for an IT company Monday to Friday. I have always been horsey and kept my horse with Rod Ward (Instructor at Royal Berks – small world) on his farm for many years. When I’m not working I’ll be on the back of a horse, walking the dogs or having a relaxing G and T.

What is the most useful piece of shooting advice you have been given?

Don’t over think – let your natural hand eye co-ordination guide you. Luckily, I have naturally good co-ordination (might be thanking the horse riding for that)

What do you see as the biggest threat to shooting in the future?

Lack of understanding and misconception towards ‘those that shoot’. I always try to eat what I shoot – bit of a circle of life.

 And lastly, would you please describe The Royal Berkshire Shooting School in your own words?

Friendly, welcoming and very sociable. Everyone gives you the time of day and after your shoot session or lesson you can sit on the sofa with a coffee looking out over the beautiful grounds. I am very lucky to have this only 15 minutes from my door step.