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Gordon Robinson of the Royal Berkshire Sporting Agency

At this time of year the Sporting Agency has slowed down a little, with the majority of days having now been booked. However, there are still some great dates up and down the country to be had, as long as you are not too date-specific. So…. if you have received all your invitations for the coming season and need to take a day to reciprocate, we are still able to offer some amazing experiences.

Our Roving Day at Well Barn on 28 January 2022 is now fully booked. Due to the high demand, the good news is we have now set up another Roving Day, at this amazing estate only ten minutes from the Shooting School. The day will be for 300 birds and will be a mixed Partridge/Pheasant  day, with full hospitality included throughout the day, on Friday 8th October 2021 so please contact us on 01491 672900  or if you would be interested in a peg or pegs.

Although, as previously mentioned, this may be a less hectic time for the Sporting Agency, it is anything but that in the game shooting world. Gamekeepers are now at their busiest, planning and planting cover crops for next season, rearing fields full of chicks and, with release pens needing attention, there are simply not enough hours in the day. It is difficult to fully appreciate how hard these gamekeepers work at this time of the year, to ensure we all enjoy a successful shooting season.

Having spoken with a couple of Grouse keepers, they are all hoping for warmer and more settled weather, as the hen Grouse begin to hatch their young. These young Grouse will rely heavily on insect life in the first few weeks and insects only flourish in warmer conditions.  It will obviously be a little while yet before we know where we are with the 2022 Grouse season, but all good seasons hinge on a good start.

I don’t know if anyone else has really noticed but the balance in nature, in general, in my part of the UK seems to have changed.  I have never seen so many road casualties when driving the same route I have known so well for many years of travelling to the office. There were bound to be more game birds around, given that the 2020/21 shooting season was cut short and therefore a large percentage of the birds were not shot, leaving many more birds compared to a normal year.  However, I am also seeing more deer (all species) than ever in our fields as well as road casualties.  All I can imagine, is that whilst we were locked down as a nation, wildlife was, to a certain extent, left to its own devices and as a result created a population change.  It is surprising how quickly nature can change and certainly demonstrates the need for professional management.

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Now that the lockdown restrictions are being relaxed, we have had an amazing amount of  interest in our simulated days, with whole days and individual gun days selling out quicker than ever. There seems to be a real appetite to get back out shooting, so if you share this appetite and haven’t  yet pulled the trigger, please give Katie or Amber a call on 01491 672900 and they will let you have our availability.