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Spring is now well and truly here and is my favourite season of the year.  Early morning walks, when all you can hear is the orchestra of songbirds, signal the end of a long winter – with last winter seeming longer than most.

It also means that it is now only four and a half months until the start of the new shooting season on 12th August!

After what has been, nearly a year of lockdown, there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel.  The rollout of the vaccine means we are all looking ahead to much brighter future when we can spend together.  This continued optimism has encouraged many people to book early and secure their shoot days for the coming season.  This, in turn, means we have been busy putting all the bookings into place and we are extremely pleased with the amount of interest we have and are receiving, from new and old clients alike.  As ever, if you are looking to arrange any shooting, please do contact us, we would be delighted to help.

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So what of the shoots, what are they doing at this time of year?  Poult orders are being placed and incubators being switched on, in preparation for the first hatches.  This means it won’t be too long now until the gamekeepers are hard at work looking after their newly hatched chicks.  Over the past couple of months, keepers will have been hard at work with vermin control, woodland management and building and preparing release pens, to make sure that the habitat is suitable for the release in the summer months.

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Looking ahead, whilst we have been very busy, we do still have a few days available at some great shoots.  There is still time to secure that special date.  For those looking for single pegs, we have started to organize some days for individual guns, if you are interested please do email us.

We are also hoping for a relaxation in the travel restrictions and with this in mind we are taken  bookings for Spanish Partridge shooting for the later months of the season i.e. February and March when the season has ended in the UK.

So, whether it is for a full team, a single peg or some shooting in Spain, do contact us if we can help.