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The end is very much in sight!

For us here in the U.K. we are fast-approaching the end of the season with the 1st of February looming into view as the very last day of shooting.

We have been exceptionally lucky this year to enjoy some fantastic days’ sport with our clients and by close of play will have organised and hosted 130 days between the Team.

A huge thanks has to go out to all the estates we deal with for providing us with these days; their hard work and dedication to producing seamlessly-run, fun and exciting days is truly admirable – particularly given the tricky circumstances which still very much hang above our sport, with various restrictions imposed due to the ongoing pandemic.

Our overseas trips have been as popular as ever and, with the Spanish partridge season extending into March, we still have dates to look forward to. Shooting in Spain is not only a way to extend your season but is an experience which you must take part in yourself in order to fully appreciate. Just like driven grouse and Argentine doves, Spanish partridge should be on the ‘bucket-list’ of all keen sportsmen and women and we are lucky enough to deal with a crop of the finest estates in the country, whose warm hospitality, stunning locations and fast-paced sport keep our clients, new & old, coming back year on year.

Before we start to look towards next season, we have a handful of exciting January dates to enjoy here in the U.K. January sport is considered to be for the ‘purist’ where the birds are wild and strong and often so is the weather! The game might not be as plentiful as October and November but the sport is unrivalled, with birds being wise and wily to even the most experienced ‘keeper’s game-plans and Guns have to be on their toes and prepared to work for their quarry.

The last few days of January will also give those estates a chance to thank their loyal, hard-working staff by putting on beater’s and ‘keeper’s days, giving those a chance who have worked hard all season to stand on a peg and enjoy the fruits of their labour. These are always great fun affairs and have a real ‘end-of-term’ feel to them!

We are already inundated with new enquiries for next year believe or not! In the office we are busy confirming repeat bookings as well as sourcing dates for new clients. Estates will aim to release their 2022/2023 season dates in the first few weeks of February and this is when the real ‘rush’ will start. I am constantly gaining interest in joining our ‘Roving Syndicate’, so many thanks to all of you who have already been in touch – for anyone else who may be interested please do email me on and once we have set up dates we will contact you with what we have to offer.

As many think the Sporting Agency now goes into ‘hibernation’ mode, let me just say that this couldn’t be further from the truth! Whilst we may not be out and about covering the length and breadth of the country, this is often the busiest time as we are glued to our phones and laptops ensuring our 2022-2023 season is as successful and busy as possible – time invested now will bear fruit come the start of next season.

Things at the Shooting School are also starting to heat up,  with the Handicap Challenge commencing on the 1st of February. After this, the usual schedule of charity shoots, corporate days and Really Wild Clay days will really fill out the calendar. We thoroughly enjoy getting out on these events and catching up with faces in the off-season!

The end of the season is always met with slightly bitter-sweet feelings, however it does give us all some much needed time to unwind and prepare for next season. Gordon will be heading up to his homeland of Scotland for the opening of the Salmon on the River Tweed, I will be pursuing the humble woodpigeon or ‘grey-grouse’ in the roosting woods and farmland of my home in Berkshire and I think Leo may well be long overdue a lie down and a large glass of wine – before it starts all over again!

Stay safe and enjoy the remainder of the season – Matt.

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