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Since the second lockdown lifted, we have hosted some truly wonderful days across the country.  Two things have struck us, the first being just how good the estates, shoot hosts and guns have been about following all the necessary procedures.  By now, we are getting used to “things being done differently” but it has been so reassuring to see just how well they have worked.  One estate has built an outdoor shelter, surrounded it with firepits and served substantial elevenses throughout the day and the response of the guns has been overwhelmingly positive as they have enjoyed staying outdoors throughout the day, regardless of the weather.  It is indeed true that “necessity is the mother of all invention”.

The second thing that we have noticed is just how much people have enjoyed being out, even if the day is different to normal.  People have appreciated every part of the day; from the sense of excitement and anticipation we all feel when stood on the peg for the first drive through to the simple, and now not taken for granted, pleasure of being outdoors.

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Looking ahead, as ever, if we can help anybody with any shooting enquiries, please do contact us.  It just remains for us, the Sporting Agency team, to thank all our clients and shoots for their support, flexibility and adaptability through this season, so far.  We also wish you a very happy, healthy and safe Christmas and say how we look forward to seeing you in 2021, which we hope will be an easier and better year for us all.