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Over the coming weeks we will bring you a selection of ‘Top Tips’ from our team of instructors.  This weeks top tips come from a familiar face to many, the face of the Royal Berkshire Sporting Agency for the past 20+ years… Gordon Robinson!

A passionate countryman, Gordon is a highly accomplished shot and provides a great deal of instruction in the field as part of his role as a Sporting Agent.

Gordon says “my tips are simple ‘on the peg’ advice, but they are things I see so many people get so wrong”.


Tip 1- When you arrive at your peg always ensure that you have a good look at your surroundings.

Make sure you know where the beaters and flankers are likely to appear. Look behind you for pickers up and make sure you know exactly where your neighbouring gun is. If you can’t see them, walk to find where they are then return to your peg.

Look at the wind in relation to the flushing point and try to determine how the birds might fly. Will they slide, curl or drop?

More basic than that…which direction your birds might come from.  This will help determine how to shoot them.  If the first few birds go over another peg, take the chance to watch the birds and learn from them.


Tip 2- If you are thinking “is that my bird or my neighbours” then…it is your neighbours.  


Tip 3- Always move your feet. 

So many times you see a gun who is shooting as if glued to the spot. This would work if all the birds were the same and straight over, but they never are.  It is virtually impossible to stay on-line and swing smoothly without moving your feet to the direction of the shot.


Tip 4- The last and most important ‘on the peg’ tip is to make sure all the birds you have shot are picked up. 

Pick up all the birds around the peg which can easily be picked up and place them spaced out and belly up by your peg. Better still, carry them to the game cart.  Let the pickers up know if you suspect any may be wounded and where they are, as these are the birds they need to concentrate on.


All of these tips will allow you to be a safe and considerate shot, the type who is likely to get asked back.