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Over the coming weeks we will bring you a selection of ‘Top Tips’ from our team of instructors.  This weeks top tips come from one of our youngest and most popular instructors… Ed Allen!


Ed started his career as an assistant gamekeeper at the Badminton Estate, before joining the team of instructors at The Royal Berkshire. A keen game and pigeon shot, Ed is one of our busiest instructors, with a with a very loyal client base.

Ed’s top tips are:


Tip 1- Have confidence in your set up.

This starts with being comfortable with your gun and chosen cartridges. It then extends to your stance and your technique. If you doubt any one or of these then you will not be shooting confidently and consistently.


Tip 2- Really concentrate on the bird. 

When Game shoot really concentrate on the bird and expect and realise each and every bird will do something different each time. Practice regularly and then allow your technique will be instinctive and so you will, in turn, shoot more instinctively.


Tip 3- Try not to repeat your mistakes.

Try not to make the same mistake twice and certainly not three times. If you missed, change your next shot. It is not always about lead; line is just as important. But, if your last shot didn’t work, don’t just repeat what you did!


Good luck with practicing these tips over the summer.  But to really get to grips with them, why not book a lesson with Ed?