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The Royal Berkshire Sporting Agency’s “Roving Syndicate” brings together likeminded individuals who are looking for a great days sport.  They are perfect for individual guns or small groups of friends who wish to enjoy some of the finest driven shooting in the UK, Spain and South Africa.  The days are great fun and their popularity over the last few seasons is testament to the outstanding hospitality and quality of shooting.

We sell the days on an individual “peg” basis.  This makes it very easy to organise a day for yourself or a reduced team of guns, something which is not always the not always straightforward….just ask any shoot captain, it can be a very time consuming task.    We have dates available throughout the coming season, many of which are within touching distance of London. We also have a fantastic back to back package in the West Country on offer.  The syndicate is also travelling to Spain for a roving trip in February, the perfect way to experience the magic of shooting in this wonderful country.

 So how do you join us on a day? It is very easy.  Simply call or email one of the team and, once we have spoken to you and gained a clear understating of your specific requirements, we will provide you with a range of options. These options always include comprehensive insurance as standard.   Alongside this we can arrange practice sessions at the shooting school, airport meet and greets, gun hire, accommodation bookings, in-field instructors, cartridges, loaders, private aviation and, of course, our full administrative support.   Ultimately we take care of all the details.

With our experience being your guarantee, why not join us for some great days sport?

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