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Since it’s launch in 2012 the Mauser M12 Impact has been a firm favourite with UK rifle market. The design brief for the M12 sought to answer the question: “What should the perfect working/hunting rifle should look like”. In the eyes of many, they answered this question, emphatically.

One of the many things that makes the M12 so popular is that “it just feels right”, everything is exactly where it should be. It features a tactile, sensible length stock that suits most people. The long forend makes shooting off sticks easy whilst the sling stud that can also be used for bi-pod attachment. The fluted, cold-hammer forged barrel has a 1/11 twist-rate (.308) whilst the smooth operating and extended throw bolt loads and ejects as it should. The rifle is a joy to use and sub 1MOA accuracy is guaranteed ‘out of the box’. It was little surprise therefore that the UK Shooting Industry gave the M12 Impact it’s coveted ‘Gold Award’.

Priced from £1274.00, if you would like any further information, please ring Alastair on 01491 672914, or email