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Introducing The Purdey Cup

A new and fun competition for owners of Purdey and Woodward shotguns.

The Purdey Cup

The Purdey Cup is designed for game shots and is the first competition of its kind.

Starting Tuesday 1st September 2020, entrants must shoot the course with their own Purdey or Woodward shotgun.  It can be a side-by-side, an over and under or even a hammer gun! All entrants will also receive a limited edition Purdey Cup cap and lapel badge

Running until Monday 1st February 2021, the competition comprises 100 “Birds” shot over four thrilling sequences, each one of which simulates a different and iconic specie of game bird: Driven Grouse, Hedgerow Partridge, High Pheasant and Rock Pigeon (a new stand created for this competition).

Each month, the highest score shot in each category will win a bottle of wine from Berry Brothers & Rudd.  The monthly winners will be invited to the ‘grand final’ in May 2021 to compete a stunning perpetual trophy, Purdey clothing, game cartridges and more wonderful wines.

We have designed a course that game shooters will enjoy and have set a score that we feel an accomplished shot will be able to achieve, known as the “Par Score”.  Anybody shooting “Par” or better, will be entered into a prize draw.

The prize draw will be held at the grand final and the winner will then be invited to join Purdey , as their guest, for a day’s game shooting, organised by The Royal Berkshire Sporting Agency in the 2021/22 season.

The competition can be shot on its own or as part of a lesson. 


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