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Junior Macnab Challenge

After a very successful inaugural year in 2015, we are bringing back the Junior Macnab Challenge for 2016, with a series of days where our Young Shots will be taught, and progress through, the three disciplines of the Classic Macnab Challenge.
Obviously we cannot provide the live quarry needed for the adult challenge, but will provide excellent simulated ones in our valley on a series of fun-filled days over the coming months, in the following disciplines:

– tuition will be given in the basics of clay shooting, with participants progressing to shoot different simulated game around our grounds.

Fly casting
– our multi-talented instructors are also accomplished fishermen, so will provide instruction on fly-casting into a ring.

– in our hidden valley, you will be taught how to stalk a deer, using airguns. Deer targets will be set up to test your skills!

Participants will be able to work towards various levels of attainment, with certificates and trophies awarded at each level:

– 5×10 kills on Going Away birds 5×10 single casts into a ring from a set distance 2×5 Bull heart shots from a set distance

– 8×10 kills on Going Away birds 8×10 single casts into a ring from a set distance 3×5 Bull heart shots from a set distance

– 10×10 kills on Going Away birds 10×10 single casts into a ring from a set distance 5×5 Bull heart shots from a set distance

Advanced Level 1
– Showing consistency in all 3 disciplines at a high standard. This will be judged over a minimum of 3 different dates, where participants will be expected to attain a minimum score of 80% in each of the 3 disciplines on each visit.

If your Young Shot is up for the challenge, then the dates you need to know are:

Thursday 24th March
Thursday 28th July
Thursday 27th October
Tuesday 20th December

We welcome all young shooters from ages 10 – 18, regardless of whether they have any shooting experience or not. Each attendee will receive tuition, use of a gun and safety wear, as well as all refreshments and a delicious lunch prepared by our chefs from Wild Fork.

For any further information, or to book places at £150.00 per child,
please contact Wendy on 01491 672900 or

Afternoon Sessions

We are also running afternoon sessions to brush up on the Macnab challenges.
Dates: August 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th,
Price: £65 per child
Time: 1.30pm – 4.30pm.