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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to be a member to shoot?

No. Anyone is free to come and shoot. However, for those clients who would like to become members, we do now have The Calibre Club, where members can enjoy a range of discounts and specially selected partner offers for only £33.00 per month. For further details please contact Wendy, the Calibre Club Concierge at

Do you need a licence to shoot at school?

No but if bringing your own gun you travel with your licence.

What equipment do I need to bring? Do I need my own gun? Do I need my own cartridges?

We can provide you with a gun, hearing and eye protection and cartridges.
You can bring your own gun if you wish, and your own cartridges providing they
are fibre wad.

What age can you start to clay pigeon shoot?

There is no legal age limit. Usually from the age of 10 children are strong enough to hold a shotgun and able to understand the important safety aspects necessary in order to enjoy the sport.

Can you practice at the school or do you need to book a lesson?

Yes, an experienced shot can come and practice – you will still be accompanied by an instructor who will guide you round the school.

Do I need to book or can I just turn up and shoot?

Yes, you do need to book. We run a diary system and instructors are booked out by the hour.

Can someone come and watch?

Yes we do allow people to come and watch as long as they wear the relevant safety equipment provided.

Is the lesson cancelled if it rains?

No! Clay pigeon shooting is an outdoor sport, and unless conditions outside are deemed to be dangerous than we carry on!

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes. You must give us 48hrs notice if you are cancelling a booking, otherwise you will be charged.

Can I go out and shoot unaccompanied?

No. Even if you are just having a practice session, you are always accompanied by one of our instructors.

Is there a dress code?

No, but we would respectfully ask that smart/casual is worn. We advise people to wear comfortable outdoor clothing and footwear, suitable for the weather on the day.

Does it hurt?

Instructors are here to choose the appropriate calibre shotgun for you, and to show you how to place a shotgun correctly in your shoulder. The combination of these elements ensure that firing any shotgun should not hurt.