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Grouse shooting is often described as the “Sport of Kings” not least as the speed and guile of these magical birds is legendary as is the beauty of the moorland setting itself.  The season starts on 12th August (often referred to as the ‘Glorious Twelfth’) and finishes on 10 December.

Red grouse are completely wild and, whilst a resilient and hardy bird, they rely heavily upon the prudent and long term management of moorland for their survival.  The moorland itself is a habitat rarer than rain forest and the UK is home to 75% of the worlds heather moorland so, in the UK we are lucky to enjoy this unique sport.    Grouse shooting is available from Derbyshire to the Highlands of Scotland and without doubt, offers some of the most challenging shooting you will ever find.

With the 2020 season fast approaching, we are hearing some very encouraging reports.  We have access to some of the country’s finest moors, so please do contact us if you wish to arrange any shooting.

Key Facts

* 90% of English moors fall within National Parks or Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

* A group of Grouse in flight are referred to as a covey or a pack.

* The Moorland Association states that over 1,500 full time jobs rely upon Grouse Shooting.

* UK Grouse moors make up about 75% of heather moorland worldwide.


Our Top Grouse Shooting Tips

* If shooting grouse, especially if it is for the first time, be sure to practice.

* When you get to your peg be sure to note the location of the flankers.

* During the drive be sure to mark your birds. – This beautiful Purdey grouse butt marker is priced at £225.

Grouse Shooting, Grouse Butt Marker, Purdey


* Keep still whilst waiting for the birds, any movement will push the birds away from you.

* Always wear safety glasses when shooting grouse, always! We stock Oakley shooting glasses and the Purdey multi-lens shooting glasses. These Oakley EvZero glasses are priced at £139.95.


* Take lightweight waterproof clothing, the weather can change VERY quickly. Browse our  selection of waterproof jackets in-store or online. The Ptarmigan Ultralight from Schoffel is the perfect lightweight jacket from the job and is priced at £329.95.

Finally – Don’t forget the midge spray!

Are you ready for the start of the season? Visit our Country Store to shop our ‘Grouse Collection 2020’ which includes all of the above products.