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We are delighted to announce that the Royal Berkshire Shooting School will be reopening, for guided rounds only, on Tuesday 26th May.

So as to ensure a safe shooting environment and in keeping with the government guidelines we are opening on the following basis:


1.    We are only allowing 1 client per member of staff.  Please do not bring any other person with you.

2.    We are only offering The 10 x 10  Challenge or Handicap Challenge.  In order to maintain social distancing requirements we are not able to offer private tuition.

3.    We are only accepting bookings from experienced shots who can provide their own guns, as we are not able to lend guns. Full details of the process will be explained at the time of booking.

4.    We are using an online payment system for all bookings.   Any clients requiring cartridges for use on the grounds must purchase these at the time of booking.

5.    We are asking clients to carry their own gun, equipment and ammunition and to load for themselves.

6.    We can provide earplugs but you are required to provide your own cap and safety glasses (sunglasses are acceptable).

7.    For those clients wishing to score their round, this will be done by the instructor and you may photograph your scorecard at the end of your session.

8.    In keeping with the government guidelines the Gun Room & Country Store, Lodge, catering facilities and lavatories remain closed.

Naturally we are delighted to be able to welcome people to the grounds.  Initially we will be open from Tuesday to Saturday and with a reduced number of instructors.  As and when we see the demand increase, we will increase the number of instructors but this will be done on gradual basis.  This will allow us to maintain the safest possible shooting environment for clients and colleagues alike.  Should you wish to make an appointment, please call 01491 672 900 and Wendy, who is working remotely, will look after you.  Alternatively, please email but please do bear with her and she will reply as soon as possible.

We look forward to welcoming you back to the grounds and ask that you remain patient with us during this initial period as we have introduced many new processes.  This means we are operating somewhat differently now in comparison to when we closed.  However, given the work the team have undertaken during lockdown, I am entirely confident you will enjoy your time with us!

With very best wishes

Jonathan Irby, Managing Director, Royal Berkshire Shooting School