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Our days are tailored to provide a variety of options – but with exceptional sport, hospitality and safety always paramount.

A Typical Day

Realistic, Affordable and Always Fun! 

A typical Really Wild Clay Day begins with guests meeting for breakfast at either the shoot lodge, main house, rustic barn or country pub. This is then followed by an introductory safety presentation before guests depart for the first of the drives.

Utilising the thousands of acres upon which each estate is set, four drives are enjoyed throughout the day, with one of these being a fun competition drive where guests battle it out for the title of ‘Top Gun’. Our now-famous ‘partridge Elevenses’ are freshly cooked for you in the field by one of our instructors. A traditional late shoot lunch with drinks is then enjoyed once shooting has concluded.

All shooting is made up of eight pegs, with two guns to a peg, making up a total party of 16 individuals. Each drive is duplicated so that both guns shoot every drive and load for each other. Throughout the day guns can expect to shoot between 400 to 600 cartridges, at their discretion. Drives will replicate driven partridge, pheasant and grouse amongst others.

Everything but the feathers, whether you’re discovering the excitement of ‘game shooting’ or honing your skills as a marksman.