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Throughout the period of lockdown and since the restrictions have slowly lifted we have been pleased to see our client’s interest in game shooting has remained. Obviously, like everybody, we await the governments next announcements and with social distancing moving to 1 metre we keep our fingers crossed!

Looking ahead to the season, our Roving days have generated a great deal of interest. This year, for the first time ever we have two back to back packages available; one in the West Country and one in Wiltshire. They both offering excellent shooting and award winning accommodation. To learn more about the days please do contact us. Our dates range from October to December and all have excellent, client focused cancellation policies in place.

Elsewhere, the excellent rearing conditions continued through June with plenty of warm weather but also some very much needed rain. This has done wonders for the cover crops which were just starting to suffer, but now the maize and other mixtures are coming through nicely. So what of July? It is always a key month with estates filling their last few days whilst, this year, preparing to run days whilst operating sensible social distancing measures. We are delighted to see how shoots have taken decisive and practical measures to help ensure everybody can shoot this coming season. There are many innovative measures being taken which include, amongst other, the creation of outdoor lunch huts and “gun buses” being modified.

Overall, once again our industry is doing a great job of demonstrating its resilience in the face of adversity, which is testament to all those involved. So we remain positive and confident and ask and encourage everybody to do all you can to the shooting fraternity. If any of the agency team can be of assistance – do contact us by email( or or by telephone 01491 672900. We will be happy to discuss your options for the season.