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February sees the team in The Royal Berkshire Sporting Agency having to reacquaint ourselves with the office and an indoor life.  That being said, the days we host in Spain do provide a welcome return to the outdoors and even (say it quietly) some sunshine. And last week, Ben Smith who hosted our first ever Spanish Roving Syndicate trip to Las Golondrinas, enjoyed plenty of sunshine.

Located less than two hours west of Madrid, the estate is expertly run by the owner, Jacobo Bustamante.  Jacabo has just completed an eight year project renovating  and transforming a 200 year old building to become the new shoot lodge. Set a-top a craggy hill, arriving here, having driven through some fascinating countryside, medieval towns and a very long private driveway is truly breathtaking.  Evergreen oaks, rocky valleys and vibrant green grass stretch for as far as the eye can see, with the 17,000 hectare sporting estate spanning from horizon to horizon. It is simply beautiful and very awe inspiring.

The two days of shooting were equally as impressive and memorable. The partridge flashing across tight, stone sided valleys tested all the guns, even the ‘high bird specialists’. It was exhilarating stuff!  This, accompanied by 20 degrees and tapas in the field meant the party all left with the very best of memories of a most special few days. Indeed, as one guest commented “It was right up there with the very best!

If you would like more information about shooting in Spain or anywhere else, please contact with Gordon or Ben and they can start the process of planning your trip!

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