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It was only recently that there was an air of cautious optimism in and and around the country’s Grouse Moors.

Sadly, as we now approach the Start if the Grouse season that sense of optimism has waned. the outlook is now very mixed. Some Moors are blessed with some very encouraging numbers of Grouse but other moors have suffered badly at the hands of the weather and the almost unstoppable heather beetle.

This year is another reminder as to how vulnerable these incredibly hardy upland birds can be at certain points in the year. And Our sympathy goes out to all The hundred and thousands of people all of whom work in and around the moors who are facing a difficult season.

Looking elsewhere. low ground shoots are shaping up nicely. The wet weather has made the releasing of birds a harder. However, the rain was much needed for the cover crops – so most ‘keepers will be happy with the start that has been made.

There is still good shooting available with and the opportunity to pick up some slightly smaller days at some famous estates.

So whether you are a looking for for a full team or single pegs, please do get in touch with one of the agency team on or