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The Royal Berkshire Shooting School is proud to be part of the gun and rifle maker, James Purdey & Sons. 


James Purdey and Sons Ltd. has been making the finest shotguns and rifles since it was founded in 1814, and has offered a selection of high quality clothing and accessories since 1974. The company has a boutique and gun room – the famous Long Room – in Audley House in Mayfair, London and its factory in Hammersmith, London.

James Purdey & Sons operates one of the rare, fully integrated workshops that brings together different areas of craftsmanship and still runs its own apprenticeship scheme, ensuring the skills it pioneered over the past 200 years continue to be preserved.  Since 1878, when HRH Queen Victoria became the first monarch to bestow her Royal Warrant on James Purdey the Younger, the iconic British company has held the warrant of every successive British monarch since, and today proudly carries all three Royal Warrants from Her Majesty The Queen, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and HRH The Prince of Wales.

Together with the Royal Berkshire Shooting School, the two companies are now offering their shooting customers an expanded range of first-class products and services.