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Very often, one of the last things that people think of at the end of the season is to get their gun serviced.  Instead it is a question of putting the gun in the safe and the gun slip and cartridge bag away in the cupboard.  But this is the worst thing you can do, especially after such a wet season.  The chances are that your gun will have got wet this year and for that reason alone you should get your gun serviced, if only to ensure it is oiled and greased before being put away.  So often we see people start the season and on the first day their gun breaks down!  “I don’t understand it….it worked fine all year…why has it broken down?” is what we hear.

So now, with your shooting season coming to an end, is the perfect time to get your gun serviced.  The team in the Gun Room value looking after you kit as highly as the instructors value preparing for your shooting.  It is vital that you look after you gun. So come and get your gun(s) booked in for servicing and a ‘check over’ post season.  That way you can ensure they will be back in plenty of time to use on pigeons and clays through spring and early summer.  There is no need to book, just bring them in and we’ll get them underway. This will also give you  a chance to meet Mikey, who joined the team in the Gun Room at the start of this year.  Mikey, who grew up in Berkshire and is a passionate shot, has settled in brilliantly and brings with him a great deal of knowledge and experience from his days working for William Evans in London. 

For more information about our guns and services, please contact Alastair at call 01491 672 900 or simply pop in to the Gun Room at a time to suit you.