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We are proud to stock a wide selection of shotguns from Spain’s leading gun maker, Grulla Armas.

Grulla Armas

Grulla shotguns and rifles are an example of extraordinary quality that you would expect from the world’s top gunmakers. Established in 1932, when five of the best master gunsmiths at that time joined to create a workshop that today, eighty years later, continues with the same artisan methods developing some of the best shotguns and rifles in the world.

A new generation of craftsmen at Grulla Armas has renewed the commitment of quality and service that the brand has always offered.

The objective of Grulla is now the same as eighty years ago: To make the highest quality guns using traditional methods. Quality, not quantity. Delivery times from 6 months depending upon choice of modelQuotations for bespoke builds upon request.