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Introducing one of the most popular recipes from our ‘Game Sunday’ series, Venison Biltong by our wonderful catering suppliers; The Wild Fork . A great way to use up some of those venison shoulders or haunches that you may have in the freezer, or if you have some ’spare’ joints that aren’t quite enough.

500g Venison
Table salt
Caraways or coriander seeds

1. Cut the venison into strips. They can be any length, but try to keep them about 1cm thick and 2cm wide.
2. Mix 150g table salt and 150g of sugar together in a bowl. Add 1 teaspoon of caraways seeds or coriander seeds (you can change and adjust this for any flavour you want to go for, generally use a good hard spice). You have now made a brine.
3. On a flat tray put about 1/3 of the sugar and salt mix (the brine) evenly down. Then place each piece of the meat so it lays flat on the tray in contact with the brine. Then use the remains of the brine to cover the top of the meat so all the meat is now covered in the brine mix. Leave in the fridge for about 8 hours.
4. After 8 hours you will find that the brine has pulled all the liquid out of the venison. Take the meat out and give it a quick rinse under a tap to take the majority of the brine off. Don’t leave the meat to soak in water. The meat will feel almost rubbery/waxy to touch. Place this onto a plate with a clean dish cloth and place in the fridge overnight uncovered for it to continue to dry out.
5. By the morning this should be fully dried and almost hard to the touch, if not leave for a bit longer. Once it is dried you have made Biltong and you can store this in a jar for about a week or more.

Enjoy as a tasty snack!