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Introducing Ben’s special ‘Really Wild’ partridge crostini recipe! The perfect way to use up those partridge or pheasant breasts from the freezer.

Skinless partridge or pheasant breast
Balsamic vinegar
Dark soy sauce
Crusty bread
Red onion marmalade
Fresh coriander

Overnight marinade:
1. Place your skinless partridge breasts into a resealable bag.
2. Put the following into the bag with the partridge breasts: balsamic vinegar, dark soy sauce, salt, pepper and a little chilli (if you like spice).
3. Make sure it is well mixed together, covering the partridge breasts evenly.
4. Marinade in the fridge overnight.

1. In a very hot pan. Fry the partridge breasts for approx 2 minutes on each side until golden brown. Do not overcook!
2. Importantly – now wrap the partridge breasts in tin foil (shiny side facing inwards). Then rest them for 10 minutes.
3. Once rested, thinly slice and serve on crusty baked bread with caramelised red onion marmalade.
4. Add a spring of coriander and a pinch of salt and pepper.
5. Serve and enjoy
(Top tip: bake the bread with a dash of oregano olive oil on each slice)