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The Perfect Entertainment

From the manicured grounds, home of The Royal Berkshire, to the grouse moors of Scotland and the steep valleys of Devon, historic castles to country houses, we offer the business world the best in traditional game sport and clay pigeon shooting clays at the UK’s most prestigious shooting estates.

Our special invitation days employ the expertise of the three frontline operations within the Group – The Shooting School, The Sporting Agency and The Really Wild Clay Company. By harnessing their resources, we’re able to provide bespoke packages. Events at The Shooting School can be for groups of 4 – 100 guests with packages including full days, half days, Conferences and Clays, evening shoots or sponsoring a charity shoot raising thousands of pounds.

Simulated Days, replicating every aspect of a traditional game shoot, are arranged by our sister company, The Really Wild Clay Company, and are held at a variety of prestigious estates throughout the UK, depending on your preference.

Game Shooting Days – where the bag is high pheasant, coveys of partridge or wild grouse – are organised by The Sporting Agency and take place at premier estates in the UK, Spain and Mallorca.

Our priority is to free you of any stress by taking care of every detail involved in planning and organising the event. And our guarantee is that that every single one of your guests will have a day to remember.

Great for team spirit. Great for bonding. Great for business.